Food Stylist and Home Economist


I’m a London based freelance food stylist and recipe writer. I have had the pleasure of working on all things foodie from magazines, cookbooks, food festivals, television shows and both print and on screen advertising.  

Working with seasonal ingredients to create honest and delicious food is my passion. I hate the idea of food going to waste and can often be found lugging home un-used and unwanted food from jobs to give them a new life in my little London kitchen.  

I was brought up in the beautiful South Downs where I had my own little vegetable patch which taught me not only the joys of eating fresh seasonal food but also encouraged my excitement in waiting for each season’s bounty of fruit and veg, particularly the first strawberries of the summer (something that still provides me with childlike excitement)! I have now settled in London and find great joy exploring the bustling food scene the city has to offer. I have been lucky enough to travel extensively and have planned many a trip purely around the food I would like to try and really enjoy bringing the techniques and flavours I have learnt on my travels back to my own kitchen.

After obtaining a degree in Classical Civilisation the food and cooking methods of the ancient worlds are also of great interest to me. I particularly enjoyed my research into 'field to table' food production in ancient Campania. However, I came to realise that a life in academia wasn’t for me and set off to discover the secrets and joys of food. (I now realise that anyone who saw my ridiculous collection of cookbooks and old food magazines might have suspected this was always going to be the case..!)